Thanks for taking some time to get to know me. I’m Connie Sirois, an Elite Life and Career Coach and owner of Reset Focus LLC.

I have TWO deep passions: helping people get focused AND stellar daily communication. These two areas may seem different, but my work ties together in amazing ways that help my clients do amazing things with their lives and businesses. Through Reset Focus, I help people become better intra-personal communicators so that they can be captivating interpersonal communicators. It’s like getting a two-for-one deal.

The core of your business and personal relationships is communication, and intrapersonal (self-talk) communication impacts interpersonal communication in profound ways. Reset Focus helps EMPOWER you to ENHANCE your communication with yourself and with others so that it can TRANSFORM your life and work.

You can absolutely stop at just getting better at communicating with yourself, but why not take those lessons and apply them to be a better communicator with the world? 

May your journey be blessed.


OFFICIAL BIO – Connie is a mom of 3, wife, communication coach, life coach, and happily BUSY WOMAN. She began Reset Focus Life and Career Coaching in 2013 and since has developed the Busy Woman’s Guide to Everyday Control and the Captivating Business Communication Community.

In her career coaching, Connie is helping people create daily communication that captivates. By focusing on both intra-personal and interpersonal communication concepts, her clients create communications that are impressive, impactful, and engaging. Find out more at  the Captivating Business Communication Community

Through her life coaching, Connie helps women find control by guiding them to productive intra-personal communication. This is a passion because in 2007 she lost control of her self-talk after her mother died. The journey to take back her days drives her work. Get to know this part of her business more at the Busy Woman’s Guide

Connie is also a speaker on topics related to self-talk and communication, corporate communication environments, listening and more. Check out her website and book her for your next event.

Connie and her college sweetheart, Kirk, live with their children in Thibodaux, Louisiana.