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Your busy life needs you to be ready for what's next. Let's get control so that you can be there for everything. Focused around mindset change, my life coaching helps busy women have beautiful minds that create beautiful lives.

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Your communication...Better results. Hone your skills with coaching that helps you create impressive, impactful, and engaging communication. No matter the industry or position, communication matters, and excellent communication sets you apart. When you partner with me, you get expert advice tailored to you and your focus.

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I'm Connie Sirois, an Elite Life and Career Coach, and I'm thrilled that you are here. I have TWO deep passions: helping busy women (and aren’t we all busy) get relief, even while staying busy, AND stellar daily communication. Thanks for joining me. May your journey be blessed.



Connie is a mom of 3, wife, life coach, business communication coach, and college instructor. She opened Reset Focus Life and Career Coaching in 2013 and then began working on creating the Busy Woman's Guide to Everyday Control and The BComm Coach.

Through her life coaching, Connie helps women find control by guiding them to live fully in their busy lives. This is a passion because in 2007 she lost all control after her mother died. The journey to take back her days drives her work. Get to know her more at

Connie also is The BComm Coach. This second part of her coaching business helps business people create communications that are impressive, impactful, and engaging. Her Captivating Business Communication Community trains entrepreneurs and business people to captivate their audiences with great bcomm. Get in touch at her website or visit the Captivating Business Communication Community page.

Connie and her everything, Kirk, live with their children in Thibodaux, Louisiana.

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​​With 137 family stockholders, our Company faced communication challenges. Most stockholders wanted more communications. What they all really wanted was the “right” communication. It had to be concise, informative, complete, and well written. With the training we received from Connie and the editing she does for us on an ongoing basis, we are confident that we are communicating effectively with our stockholders and other business partners.

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CPA, CFE, CGMA, CMPE, President, The J. M. Burguieres Co. Limited.

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